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Jeremy Miller
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June 21, 2016

Jabber – the convenient and simple protocol for instant text messaging possessing a number of other opportunities doing communication on a network more convenient. The project was created in 1998 by Jeremy Miller and shortly the small project developed into large full-scale service. The main mission of Jabber as well as the popular QIP messenger, the exchange text messages on a network is. At the same time it is not important where there are interlocutors, the main thing that there was an access to a network. However together with it service allows to transfer also voice and video of the message, to create various chats with participation of several interlocutors that allows to make communication more live and interesting.

This protocol is full replacement of many commercial messengers as has a number of advantages, including also general availability. The client can establish Jabber each user of a world wide web, it is easy in understanding, is convenient and very simple. To communicate here too it is quite comfortable, and for those to whom the world of information technologies will be interesting, it is undoubted, interesting to expand possibilities of the client personally. Today there are already many libraries with an open source code, and also it is a lot of realization of clients and servers therefore the client and the server on the discretion and under the needs will be able to adjust everyone.

Except an exchange it is possible to communicate freely files here that is also very convenient as it is possible to send each other documents, ridiculous pictures, various tricks and many other things. It is possible to refer to advantages of Jabber also expansibility as by means of namespaces in XML everyone will be able to expand the protocol. It is very simple to Jabber to download and establish, and to use it very conveniently and pleasantly. Jabber supports work on all popular operating systems.

Unlike many Internet messengers, Jabber is not uniform system, and includes a set of servers among which is and closed, and open. And everyone will be able to start the own server and to adjust it under the needs. It allows to create the corporate closed communities which are cut off from all other servers. One of the main criteria of all messengers is safety. In Jabber the high level of safety is realized. Some clients are capable to cipher by means of PGP/GPG information in the protocol.

Thanks to a possibility of creation of the own server isolated from public Jabber it is possible to raise the level of corporate safety of communication on higher level. Now Jabber develops quite dynamically and almost every day new servers, tools and opportunities for more comfortable and safe communication in a network appear. By means of the client it is possible to communicate with people from the different cities and the countries, and it is possible to claim safely that Jabber unites people much more effectively, than numerous slogans of politicians.

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Volodya 10 June 2015 20:51
how to install the Jabber
admin 30 June 2015 12:54
You press the button "Скачать" above. Page opens with a list of customers choose the right you are installing. Everything is standard.
Ilya 2 September 2015 16:15
How to include enciphering of a chat?
admin 10 October 2015 17:20
Ilya, excuse for so late answer. If I am not mistaken, the Jabber network at the end of May passed to full enciphering. In some clients it is included by default, it is necessary to include in some in options. If there is no trust to the server, use OTR, E2E or GPG.

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